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2020.09.25 15:25 -Individual_1- I'm tired of dispensaries changing the numbers they text deals from

I love having access to medical, however I hate how the only way to see many deals is through direct text messages.
It's not so bad when I can silence the notifications so my phone isn't going off over and over again daily, but way too many dispensaries seem to have a new number to text from every day.
I've started noting which ones are doing this and will no longer be shopping at them.
Why can't they just publish their deals online or at least just maintain one phone number they text from?
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2020.09.25 15:23 pricemonitoring The Importance of Price Monitoring Tools for Localization Strategies

Defining prices for online sales brings up many different challenges regarding adaptation of sales strategy as a hole. Manufacturers, online retailers and others are responsible to define the prices of their e-catalogue in a proper way so they can keep the competition up with their competitors in the same market. To have a better sales strategy, localization strategy is often use among manufacturers, retailers and other online sellers.

What is the localization strategy?

Localization strategy is about customer behaviors, purchasing trends and cultural differences in each local market. And if a manufacturer wants to sell a product in a different market, it should focus on this localization strategy for better sales.

Importance Of Price Monitoring Tool

First step of the localization strategy is about understanding the customer behaviors and trends. Customer behavior is about how a customer use, choose or consume any kind of a product or service according to their mental, emotional or behavioral needs. As a manufacturer or retailer, to see what they need in their market can create a great difference. In each country or market, there are different trends and behaviors regarding customers. What is selling in United States may not gather interest in Middle East. Customers are focusing on different trends and needs when it comes to geography. Each customer in different local markets need different strategies. And if the manufacturer or online retailer want to sell properly, they should focus on the differences. When it comes to assessing needs or behaviors of customers, manufacturers or online retailers must see what others are doing. Assessing the competition and what are the local choices for their e-catalogue is possible if they choose to use and/or utilize an advanced technology of competitor monitoring software.
Second step of the localization strategy is about purchasing trends. Purchasing trends are related to what customers are interested to shop or buy. It is about the needs and trends of the general behavior more than customer behavior. To see and analyze the needs and changes of purchasing trends in online shopping experiences bring up a great value to the localization of any sales strategy. As an example, with COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, purchasing trends are constantly changing according to the health needs and necessities. This pandemic process is creating its own purchasing trends among other trends of general sales systems. This is a different approach than customer behavior, it is created by a necessity and different circumstances. To read the market and see the needs, manufacturers can use a platform to analyze the information related to these purchasing trends. They can see if their products are good fit in the market according to any purchasing habit by using Price Intelligence Tools like PriceRest. Not only to see the competition but also to see the needs and what are the true values of their e-catalogue, manufacturers, retailers and online sellers can use price intelligence software to analyze updated information regarding purchasing habits of local markets.
Lastly, one of the important steps of localization strategy is about cultural differences. As in the customer behavior step, understanding culture can bring great difference. Cultural differences are related to customer behaviors first handedly. Religious or cultural differences among people can create different kind of behavior or trend in general when it comes to online sales. And seeing the difference can bring up better sales strategies according to localization process.
With all steps of localization strategy, there is a need for comparison and monitoring system which allows its user to gather and analyze data regularly. Pricing software or competitor pricing tools like PriceRest provides its users this advantage. With gathering necessary information related to localization habits and strategy, each manufacturer, retailer or online seller can understand the trends, behaviors and differences.
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2020.09.25 15:13 cart2indiagroup Cart2India Reviews

Online Shopping Site for world class products in India. You can find the varieties of world class products in one place with instant cashback on prepaid orders.Best E commerce & Online Shopping website, Cart2India Online provide best quality projects. Let us know your feedback by reviews to improve.
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2020.09.25 15:08 iSempyi PC Gamers, any reliable PC Parts Stores nearby?

I live in Cavite. Since online shopping sucks (shipping can sometimes be a disaster, especially thru amazon. not taking any chances) I've decided to look for PC stores that might have all the parts I need for my upcoming 2020 build. Preferably coming from a reputable franchise.
If anyone's having the same system as me, please feel free to tell me which store you got it from. I would really appreciate for this to be a one stop shop as much as possible. Going cross country at a time like this would be really tedious.
What I want:
B550 motherboard (preferably an MSI Tomahawk MAG) Ryzen 7 3700x 8GB DDR4 3600MHz Memory sticks 750w/800w PSU Gold 500GB/1TB m.2 NVMe 4th gen PCIE Internal SSD (preferably a WD Blue SN550) Mid-Tower ATX Case (preferably with fans pre-installed)
That's about everything I need. Thanks to anyone who will respond. Sincerely, a fellow PH Gamer.
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2020.09.25 15:08 cart2indiagroup Cart2India Reviews

Online Shopping Site for world class products in India. You can find the varieties of world class products in one place with instant cashback on prepaid orders.Best E commerce & Online Shopping website, Cart2India Online provide best quality projects. Let us know your feedback by reviews to improve.
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2020.09.25 14:56 elovamp1re [Request] [Xbox] WWE Supercard QR code from physical version of WWE2K BattleGrounds

Hello GoG!
I am Lasagno, but you can just call me Las. A little introduction about me would be just I'm a huge gaming and MCU nerd. I am also somewhat into WWE, but not really my favourite thing.
The subject of this request is about a game called WWE Supercard. It's basically a game where you collect card based on real life WWE male and female superstars and you level them up to get strong cards, in which you can use to play in different events. I'm sure people who knows or have watched WWE know John Cena and The Rock and The Undertaker and stuff.
So I've been playing this game for a while now, probably 2 or 3 years ago. In my all honest opinion, it's quite a trash game because it's 100% pay to win and there are quite many hackers. However, the only reason I play it because I have a bad laptop in which I can't play anything and I don't have Minecraft on my new android phone.
Apparently, 2K released a new game called WWE2K Battlegrounds, and it's basically a cartoonish wrestling (duhh...) game. I heard that it's fun, but I can't get it because I don't want to go to the shops to get it since my parents say it's best to minimize contact, as the virus has gotten my worse in my area. I also can't buy it online because I don't have a bank account.
If you were to have the physical version (I don't know if you had to pre-order or not but I think it just has to be physical) of the game on Switch, PS, or Xbox. It will come with a QR code for WWE Supercard in which it will give extra contents including a special John Cena card. Normally I'd ignore these sorts of things but John Cena's been my favourite superstar for a long time and I would really love to have that special card.
I was wondering if anyone out there have the Battlegrounds game physically and still have the QR code, and I would really appreciate it if you could give it to me. Please DM me through Reddit or send me a friend request on Discord: Lasagno#9910
My Xbox profile is if you want to contact me there, although I would appreciate it if you can tell me first. You can get the code from any physical version of the game.
One last thing, I only added Xbox to the title because I don't have a PSN or Switch, but you can get the physical version of the game on most consoles (Xbox, Switch and PS4)
Thanks so much for reading!

If you want for information on the games:
WWE2K Battlegrounds (example PS4) -
WWe Supercard -
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2020.09.25 14:56 Jluke223 I bought Versace Eros EDT 100ml for 47$. Is it real or fake?

I ordered it online from an e-shop in our country. Photos are linked down below. I don't want to open it if it's fake. Thanks guys & gals! The front The back The bottom
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2020.09.25 14:50 malcom2073 All The Mods 3 Remix 1.6.0 server

Pack: All The Mods 3 Remix, 1.6.0
Server IP:
Hosted Location: Eastern Canada
Info: Small server set up so I could play online in a persistent world, and hopefully meet and play with some folks. No Griefing, No non-consentual PVP, No raiding. This is not a competitive server, just casual play. Come join, and play nice!
We now have time based ranks, and a starter kit of tools! The longer you play, the more chunks you can claim, and chunkloaders you can use! Website also has a live Dynmap set up for members, so you can see where yourself and others are playing!
I'm a bit of a Newbie to running a server, so I'm still working on getting scripts, permissions and everything else set up to work smoothly. I'm a very casual player and hoping to foster a casual playing environment. If you're looking for a place to speed through to completion in a few weeks, or min-max your AE2 system, probably not the place for you.
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2020.09.25 14:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [UK] - Online shopping makes many high street jobs unviable, says Next boss Guardian

[UK] - Online shopping makes many high street jobs unviable, says Next boss Guardian submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 14:43 ameliasmith11 Buy window shutters with free delivery

Buy window shutters with free delivery

Cheap Window Shutters
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Bring affordability in your house
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  • Composite wood
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Most people shop for shutters when they are on sale and wait for the whole year to get their desired item. The sale products are the left out pieces and are sold out of fashion. So why not purchasing cheap window shutters on the time of requirement other than waiting for the sale. There are companies like bright light shutters who have been operating throughout London to serve people the best of the product. They have all the latest designs and is considered as the best place to buy shutters from. They have shades available on their website too and have all the colors, design which gives easy access to the customers to choose their favorite item while staying at home and enjoy free delivery.
On-store items
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2020.09.25 14:39 Bot-alex Online shopping makes many high street jobs unviable, says Next boss

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2020.09.25 14:39 _gr1m When you are left thinking "Now what?"

Not long ago I met this girl on social media. We hooked up and after our first date she was the one to offer me her number and ask me out again. We went out a couple more times and even made a little trip to another city. After that trip ( it was not really a big success) we kinda drifted apart. I asked her to go out 1 or 2 times and she declined while at the same time, commenting on my stories ect. finally she agreed to go out but she was in no mood when we met. Turns out she had a rough couple of weeks and only went out with me because she felt bad that she declined my offers before. I didn't felt that great about it and told her. I said that if she doesn't feel like going out with me she can just say so, I'm way over minor things like this. Anyway, after this date we kinda stopped communicating for about 2 weeks. This weekend we scheduled a date after I met her by accident when my friends and I passed through the shopping district where she works. She looked happy to see me, and even though she was working didn't hesitate to lean forward, grab my hand and kiss me. We went on a date a couple of days later and the date itself was great. However the way she communicates has changed. She doesn't reply often, leaves me on read...and I don't even text that much. I might have texted her once to confirm the date on the said evening, to which she took like 5 hours to reply regardless of her being online. And I texted her once after the date because she sent me a playlist for me to check out. I replied and was left on read since. Honestly don't know what's going on at this point. I can't think of anything to talk about or build up a conversation. Don't want to except the fact that maybe this is all an act and she is just playing because she is bored...but I might have to eventually. I gotta talk to her to sort things out and see where we stand, but I would really need help with how to do it. Any suggestions how should I proceed?
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2020.09.25 14:37 dukaniya_grocery online grocery store in lucknow

online grocery store in lucknow
online grocery store in lucknow
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A place where everything special
order grocery online and shop in our store dukaniya grocery store is the best online fresh and healthy free home delivery. we provide a wide range of groceries for all your daily needs.
#dukaniya #store #best #grocery #service #in #lucknow
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2020.09.25 14:32 Vlitefurnitech Shop Online - Vlite Furnitech

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2020.09.25 14:24 Regression-Dog Be very cautious about online merchants

Stash apparently will never do chargebacks EVER. I recently "bought" an phone case online that I saw in a twitter ad. It was only $25, and looked cool, so I said hey why not. The process to purchase was very easy (I was on my phone), and at the time it all looked legit. They sent me a confirmation email with a tracking number and a link to the shop app for tracking, and says it'll be delivered in like 2 days.
And everything seems fine. I wait, a couple days pass, so I check the shop app, no tracking info found, so I think thats weird, check the tracking number on the actually carrier site, it says tracking number doesn't exist, I wonder if they've even shipped it yet. I check my emails, it says very clear it shipped, and then I realize something is very or wrong or I've been scammed.
I email the merchant, politely asking for an update, few days no response, I email again. After the 2nd week, I email a third time, and then I also contact stash (via email) the only response is that I have to call customer service. Few days pass, no response from merchant, I notice that the "address" on the transaction is actually a phone number, I call it, no response. I look up the company website, I look up the address on the website, it's some random house on Zillow.
I finally call stash, and this is basically their response:
According to the cardholder agreement " Neither the Bank nor Green Dot is responsible for the delivery, quality, safety, legality, or any other aspect of goods and services that you purchase from others with your Card"
No chargebacks, contact the merchant (who obviously is fraudulent/non-existent).
So yeah, I'm not that upset over being scammed, $25 is nothing. But Stash's response is really absurd and honestly feels straight up unethical. I'm thinking I should leave, but have a feeling other fintechs are like this too. Thoughts?
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2020.09.25 14:22 SimplyMercedez Features that would improve Sims 4 immediately:

Burglar NPC and Police NPC
Bigger worlds (Del Sol Valley I'm looking at you)
Place where you can buy pets from (Not just online)
Bunk Beds
Being able to save edited apartment lots
House phone
Grocery Shopping
Cars and Garages
(Feel free to add your wanted features)
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2020.09.25 14:20 OzBargainBot [Pre Order for 5th to 9th Delivery]10% off a Range of Flavours of Layer Cake @ Makan Raya Online Shop

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2020.09.25 14:17 AutoNewsAdmin [UK] - Online shopping makes many high street jobs unviable, says Next boss

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2020.09.25 14:11 SonchikPonchik12 Sraping Email for Receipts

Hopefully someone can give me some advice. I'm working for a startup and we've made an app, we'd like to know if it would be possible to scrape user's emails (with their consent, of course) in order to get their online shopping receipts. This info won't be used for marketing, just to 'simplify' their use of the app. Is it possible to do this and how would one pull up receipts and scan them?
Thank you!!
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2020.09.25 14:10 benderjenner Why do you play RS3 compared to OSRS?

I understand that this sort-of thread has been made numerous times, and as I'm sure.. there's a handful of YouTube videos made about the discussion. But, as it sits, and the title persists (hey that rhymes) why on Earth do you play RS3 vs. OSRS? It's sort-of a question that has been hyped up by the fact that Steam will be adding the game to it's library rather soon. However, I'm just confused. As a player that started back in 2006 with his elementary school friends.. I just don't understand. The game has evolved overtime certainly in terms of graphics, and performance - but the shop for the game implies a very seedy undertone that makes it P2W (pay to win), not to mention the game has events where you could start at level one and get certain stats to the high 50's+. I watched a YouTuber do this the other day with the summer event. Was pretty disappointing. The game feels like the sense of achievement has been completely ripped from it. Thoughts? With 2.5k+ people online currently - there has to be at least one other person that agrees with me, right?
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2020.09.25 14:08 Cyrus005 Best Freelance Magento Designer 2020

Magento is built on open source technology that offers online merchants with an elastic shopping cart system for an eCommerce platform. Also, it gives control over the content, looks, and functionality of their online store.
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2020.09.25 14:02 Teen-toy Sex Toys for Men at Discounted Price

Sex Toys for Men at Discounted Price
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HUGE ONLINE SHOPPING :QUARANTINE EDITION - YouTube buying my dream wardrobe… online shopping + try-on haul ... Online Shopping Scenes  Mahathalli  Tamada Media - YouTube America's Dopamine-Fueled Shopping Addiction - YouTube Top 10 INEXPENSIVE Places to Shop Online pt. 2 - YouTube The truth about online shopping. - YouTube Online Shopping HAUL!! *Instagram Stores You NEED to Shop ... 24 HOUR ONLINE SHOPPING CHALLENGE - YouTube My HUGE Online Shopping Haul  Quarantine Edition - YouTube

The 50+ best online shopping websites in 2020

  2. buying my dream wardrobe… online shopping + try-on haul ...
  3. Online Shopping Scenes Mahathalli Tamada Media - YouTube
  4. America's Dopamine-Fueled Shopping Addiction - YouTube
  5. Top 10 INEXPENSIVE Places to Shop Online pt. 2 - YouTube
  6. The truth about online shopping. - YouTube
  7. Online Shopping HAUL!! *Instagram Stores You NEED to Shop ...
  9. My HUGE Online Shopping Haul Quarantine Edition - YouTube

#onlineshopping#shopping#keillyalonso HUGE ONLINE SHOPPING :QUARANTINE EDITION My name is keilly and I want to thank all of you for being part of my new chan... Haul time!! Did a little online shopping from Instagram stores you need to shop from! Hope you find some small businesses from this haul!! Love you guys! xo ... I actually shopped online for 24 hours! Check out my merch: Follow us: My Instagram: My Vlog C... Consumerism in the U.S. has reached an all-time high. In 2017, we spent $240 billion on goods such as jewelry, watches, luggage, books, and phones—twice as m... buying a whole new wardrobe… this video went OFF. we went online shopping, cleaned out my closet, unboxed all the new clothes, gave opinions on stores, and p... In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at online shopping's environmental impact. Specifically, I look at how the carbon footprint on... Cast : Jahnavi Dasetty, Sushant, Ajju, Seshi Kiran Concept by Jahnavi Dasetty D.O.P by Seshi Kiran Edited by Srinivas Chegonda and Sai Krishna Ganala Publici... Code: LIZ30 for 30% off! ⇓OPEN ME⇓ Hey love, Welcome to my channel! Today I am doing a ....! I hope you guys enjoy! Subscribe if you... Time to reveal everything I've bought online in the last two months! _ PRODUCTS: Press On Nails Coloring Book