Georgian mies

Georgian Cinematography, which originated at the beginning of the 20th century, has deep roots in Georgian culture. The birth of Georgian cinematography is considered 1908 when Vasil Amashukeli started to shoot films in Baku. However, Georgian society had already got acquainted with the moving photos in 1896, when a film of brother Lumieres whas shown to the public. In this listicle, we tried ... Georgian movies, Tengiz Abuladze. 10 Georgian Films You Need To Watch - GeorgianJournal Language: Georgian (with English subtitles) Production Co: Pansionati. Beso is a fourteen-year-old boy growing up in a poor family in a remote Georgian village. As a way to escape the harsh reality, Beso writes rap songs and records himself on a tape recorder, dreaming that one day he will be a successful rapper. Magdana’s Donkey is a Georgian film co-directed by two young filmmakers, Revaz Chkheidze and Tengiz Abuladze, in 1956. It’s based on a short story by Ekaterine Gabashvili and was hailed as a new wave in the Georgian cinema, having won the Best Short Fiction Award at the 9th Cannes Films Festival. Georgian drama about an unemployed addict without a penny in my pocket, thinking reflects the director of that generation, which at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union was twenty years old generation who won a Soviet upbringing, and therefore inability to adapt to new socio-political and economic changes. 9. One of the priorities of the company is to build partnerships with the major air companies throughout the world. Georgian Airways has concluded an Interline Agreement with 16 major airlines. This kind of partnership makes traveling easier for our passengers and helps them to reach any destination worldwide. Search for Mies luxury homes with the Sotheby’s International Realty network, your premier resource for Mies homes. We have 3 luxury homes for sale in Mies, and 210 homes in all of Vaud. Homes listings include vacation homes, apartments, penthouses, luxury retreats, lake homes, ski chalets, villas, and many more lifestyle options. An Eagle Scout project led by Joseph McNair was unveiled to the community Tuesday morning when VFW Commander Bill Miles dedicated new flag retirement boxes constructed by McNair in two ceremonies ...

Good starting point

2020.10.20 16:44 mcd809 Good starting point

Hello all, I was raised Roman Catholic and have been semi-religious my entire life with long periods of questioning my faith. My partner is Georgian Orthodox and ever since I've started learning about Orthodoxy and the traditions/beliefs/history I have been pulled significantly towards it.
I don't like jumping into things headfirst so I'm nervous about attending a service. What do you recommend is a good starting point to learn more? Any books or podcasts? Thank you for any help in advance.
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2020.10.20 12:24 Drogbaba95 Living in Georgia as a Foreigner?

Me and my girlfriend will come to Georgia and will start to live there.
1- How we can get residence permit? Im Turkish, she is Belarussian. We are not married. As i know we both can stay 365 days but when kid needs to go to school, how we will arrange this? Can we send the kid to school without any residence permit?
2- How we can get job? Can i sale smt on street? Do i need some permission or i can work without permission?
3- I know only Turkish and English, She knows Turkish, Russian and English. We dont know georgian language. Can we find work anyway?
4- Batumi or Tbilisi is better?
5- How much i can earn montly? I have 140 $ personal income from Turkey. If i find job with 150 $ monthly, can we live 3 people? Or can i earn more? (Me,she, and kid)
6- Are people friendly or not? Is it safe country?
7-How i can take cash from ATM with my international mastercard without give any commission to bank?
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2020.10.20 07:29 Talllankyjew I am looking for a tree

Hello! I was telling someone about how unique a tree Maclura pomnifera, Osage orange, is. I live in Georgia currently and have found that they used to be found regularly but not much anymore. I dont believe I've ever seen one here. Do any Georgians know where I can see one of these beauties? I would like to show my friend a real, pictures arent doing a justice. I would be willing to drive a few hours, really any border state as long as the destination is worth it.
Here's to hoping one of you can come through for me!
Also if anyone has some other cool tees in the metro Atlanta area that they know of please share! I would love to check them out.
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2020.10.19 21:49 marijanelidze_ who do i support?

im a young georgian citizen, im not able to vote yet but im really confused about this whole election thing. my relatives and family is all voting for georgian dream.
who do i support? can i get a close explanation (სხვა პარტიების გინების გარეშე 😀) of what each one of them do? or is there any sites i can use to decide which party i want to support?
thanks alot :)
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2020.10.19 21:31 itsDJBuddha My neighbours can get full gigabit fibre to the home from Bell... they are 250 meters away - I can get 5 mbit download - I need the upload speed Bell offers for work (on Rogers currently on the max gigabit package). Will Barrie allow the construction? Located in the north end behind Georgian Mall

My house was built in 2012. I have Rogers gigabit (which let me be clear- it’s super stable). For my profession, I need the upload speed. Rogers easily hits my advertised speeds of gigabit download and 30 mbit upload, but I transfer gigs upon gigs of video upload to my work daily. If I could switch off Rogers for Fibe, I would do it yesterday. Is there ANY way this is going to be done soon? I’d understand if my area even had 100mbit down from Bell- but for their offering currently, it can’t even compete to Rogers. Again, my neighbours who are 250 meters away can get full 1.5 gigabit download and 940 mbit upload.
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2020.10.18 21:03 Am5kat Not a good builder by any means but doing my best to build a British Georgian split town house =) I am happy with it so far! (Work in progress)

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2020.10.18 00:40 U2TheFly Murderers on UFC Fight Night

To my absolute surprise, Guram "Georgian Viking" Kutateladze's walk on/intro song is Murderers. Just a fun fact for any fans who happen to watch UFC. He's on my radar now!
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2020.10.17 23:14 rhyvooooia Ah yes, my favourite Georgian Era film

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2020.10.17 16:24 Akraav Hello fellow Armenians and Georgian lurkers. Let's get to the bottom of what's going on between Armenia and Georgia.

I ask you to please be civil and to make your cases using facts and evidence, and leave speculation out of this.
In the beginning of this conflict, I like many other Armenians became angry with Georgia, for what I saw as anti-Armenian and pro-Azerbaijani actions from the Georgian government.
I had a conversation with a Georgian redditor yesterday and realized that there was a chance I was basing my anger around a deliberate misinformation campaign to cause a divide between Armenians and Georgians.
One of the things i kept hearing and started to repeat myself based on no actual evidence was that Georgia had a ban on Russian civilian aircraft. The complaint here was that by allowing Turkish civ aircraft, which is obviously carrying weapons to Azerbaijan, but banning Russian civ aircraft to Armenia was a clear taking of a side.
I did some research to find more information on this ban, and i couldnt find anything. Its possible i didnt look hard enough, but the only thing i could find was this article, and many like it, which indicated that it was actually Russia who placed a ban on its own charter flights from flying into Georgia:
Basically, Russia had flights going to and returning from Tbilisi until last summer, when it placed a ban on its own flights from going there.
That's the only "ban" i could find on Russian flights through Georgia. Does anyone have more info on this? Did i just not do proper research? I am very pro-Russia in this conflict and in Armenian geopolitics in general, but i am also able to recognize that Russia doesn't want close relationship between Armenians and Georgians either. Neither does Azerbaijan. Neither does Turkey.
So if anyone has more information on Georgia and its airspace ban on russian civilian flights, i want to hear it. If Georgia is letting all civ flights through its airspace, including Russian, and Russia is not using it, then is Georgia really at fault? These are all just genuine questions im seeking the truth on as we all know we have been fighting a misinformation war. It could be that Georgia is helping Az/Tur deliberately. It could be that Georgia is doing no such thing.
Please don't attack me for seeking the truth, and forgive me for being skeptical during this time of misinformation.
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2020.10.16 18:28 corsairtact "Allow me to call and make arrangements for you, Madam."

This is rather long... I've been reading all the awesome tales posted here and decided it was time for me to contribute...
Many years ago (the late 80s), I worked the front desk (reception and cashier, which were in two different locations) for a hotel that was having a soft opening in Manhattan. The building was, at the time, 90-ish years old and had had many incarnations (all hotels). When the then-owner bought it, it had sat empty for nearly 10 years. There were, to say the least, many issues. The owner was not a New Yorker and that brought its own kind of special problems as anyone who's ever worked in New York City will know.
A couple of months before this happened, the owner discovered he was running over budget for the renovation and decided to open a little sooner than he should have. He seriously needed cash flow, or that was the story. So, we had a soft opening with some very nice rates for that part of town and considering what the hotel would essentially become.
Because of the very nice rates, we had a lot of celebrities come and check us out. Most of these folks were wanting to spend less money AND to find someplace to stay other than a handful of local hotels owned by a person who was right then becoming infamous for how they treated their staff and whether they paid taxes (this person is deceased and is not now nor have they ever been the president of the United States).
I had the great good fortune to meet some of my favorite actors: Nancy Walker (Rhoda's mom and the Bounty lady and my all-time fave celebrity meet), Bea Arthur and Roddy MacDowell (who both camped it up in the lobby as if they were in a gay bar in the West Village), Dudley Moore (who would come in and play the baby grand piano in the hotel bar), and others who are still alive and I won't name.
Along with these celebrity folk, there were others who were just rich or well-off and wanted to save a buck. Fair enough. They helped keep us employed and we were (mostly) very grateful
Among the just rich or well-off were a handful of Karens. Not a lot, thank goodness, but definitely a handful.
One fateful day, in the middle of the summer, one of the Karens flew in from Beverly Hills and began her short-lived reign of terror.
As mentioned above, the reception area was in a different spot than the cashier counter but in the same lobby. When we worked reception, we stood in front of two Georgian-style desks, waiting for guests to arrive. Once they did, they were invited to have a seat in one of a pair of leather wingback chairs on one side of the desk while we sat on the other side and went over their registration details and asked for payment.
Once they handed over their credit card, we ran behind a wall, swiped the card for a credit hold, and took an imprint. We then said a little prayer and used the key machine which would (hopefully) magnetize a set of keycards for the room (provided the god Mercury was not feeling vengeful or wrathful).
When guests first arrived at the hotel, the doorman would greet them and arrange for their luggage with a bellman. He would them usher them inside and direct them to the big staircase that led to the lobby (this was before the ADA). This layout was pretty much unchanged from when the hotel was built at the turn of the previous century. Once the guest had walked up the stairs, they made a left and found themselves in the small and cozy lobby. It was a dramatic entrance.
As I stood there that fateful day, I saw a woman sail around the corner with her husband in tow. She headed straight for me and breathlessly exclaimed, "I can't believe I had to climb a flight of stairs to get here!"
I just smiled, and then stepped back to graciously point to a chair (as I'd been trained to do). "Welcome to We Opened Too Soon Hotel, Madam. Would you like to have a seat for registration?"
"My name is Madam Karen! I'd just like my keys, please."
Still smiling, I said, "Well, we do need to get you registered and confirm your form of payment."
"I gave my credit card over the phone. Why can't you just use that?"
"The bank requires that we take an imprint of your card."
She put her hand to her chest and then looked at her husband, who, if I remember correctly, was cleaning something in his ear with a finger at that moment and didn't seem to be paying much attention. Aghast, she said, "They've never treated us like this at Tax Evasion Hotel! Ever!"
"I'm sorry, Madam. It won't take a moment." I moved closer to the desk. "Won't you have a seat?"
"Well! If I must!" She flounced down dramatically. The husband floated away to somewhere nearby.
I walked around and took my seat. I found her pre-printed registration card and offered it to her by sliding it across the desk. "Would you take a look and confirm your name and address?"
"I gave you all of that over the phone! Why is this taking so long?"
I took the registration card back and said, "We have 123 Avenue of the Karens, Beverly Hills, 90210, as your address. Is that correct?"
"Of course it is!"
"And you'll be with us through Thursday in a corner suite at $199 per night. Is that correct?" That really was a steal. Most rooms at the time and of that caliber would have been $499 per night and up. The place I'd worked at before charged $799 for a similar room and they were sold out months in advance.
"$199?" She looked around the lobby. "You must be joking!" It was obvious that she didn't think we weren't charging enough...
"As I'm sure was explained to you at the time of booking, we are offering special preview rates to select guests prior to our grand opening. Normally, our corner suite rents for $599 per night." This was the well-rehearsed line and $599 was actually the higher end.
"I simply can't believe it! At Tax Evasion Hotel, they're never that expensive." That was a lie. We'd been trained on the rates at competitor hotels. Their similar room was $649, if I remember right.
I just smiled and waited. My face was beginning to hurt a little from all my fake smiling. After a couple of uncomfortable moments, I asked, "What form of payment would you like to use for your stay?"
After some literal harrumphing, she pulled an AMEX out of her wallet and handed it over.
"Thank you." I stood. "Excuse me, I'll be right back." I ran around the back and saw the FOM (Front Office Manager) standing there with a big knowing grin on his face. We could never talk back there when there were guests out front since they could hear even soft whispers. So, I rolled my eyes as I did the authorization and imprint. I then ran the keys, put them in the fancy linen envelope we used, and headed back out.
"That took long enough!"
"You're in Room 799. If you'll follow me, I'll escort you upstairs."
That took her by surprise. But she stood and then collected her husband and off we went to the elevator lobby. As we waited for one to arrive, she said, "I hope this room is big enough and that it has a marble bathroom."
"Our corner suites are some of the biggest in the city and all the bathrooms are made with Italian marble." True and true.
Madam Karen harrumphed as the elevator door opened.
We got in and I pushed the button.
"You know," said Madam Karen, "I'm a close personal friend to Tax Evader and spouse. We always have supper at the Polo Lounge inside the Beverly Hills Hotel when they come to town." Fortunately, I was standing in front with my eyes on the floor numbers so she didn't see me roll my eyes.
"That must be lovely," was my insincere reply.
The husband coughed but didn't say anything.
Once we were on the floor and at the door, I closed my eyes and said my little prayer. I slipped in the key and waited. Mercury was not happy so the red lights came on. "I'm sorry, Madam. There's a problem with the key. [insert whatever excuse we were using that week]. But I can open the door with my passkey and then go retrieve a new key and be back before you know it." While I said that, I opened the door and led them inside.
Madam Karen walked in, took one look at the corner view, which was really one of the best views in the city at the time, and declared, "This just won't do."
I waited.
She walked around the large room. "I can't believe you want all that money for this tiny room." It was about twice the size of my apartment in the West Village.
I decided to do my little here's-where-everything-is spiel while ignoring her.
When I gestured toward the bathroom, she sailed in and said, "This is so small and that doesn't look like marble to me. It could be laminate for all I know." The bathroom was much, much larger than my bedroom. And it was marble. We'd been shown rooms under renovation. I'd handled a big marble tile in a stack waiting to be put down. They were astonishingly heavy.
Again, I ignored everything. Instead, I said, "If you'll give me five minutes, I'll be right back with a new key. The bellman should be here shortly with your luggage."
"Well, I just don't know if we can stay in a place like this. Look at that wallpaper. Is it peeling?" It wasn't.
"I'll be right back. Thank you for staying with us." I scooted out and closed the door.
Back downstairs, I was behind the wall and quietly telling the FOM about Madam and her many complaints while I ran five keys (praying to Mercury that at least one would work) when suddenly we heard a familiar voice.
"I demand to see the manager and I demand to see him now!"
FOM started grinning as he buttoned his jacket and straightened his tie. Then, he ran his hand over his face to get rid of his grin. And, with a sad and concerned face plastered in place, he walked around the back wall, motioning for me to follow. He was right to do that because, up until that moment, my plan had been to stay in the back.
"My name is Mr. Heroic , the Front Office Manager. How may I help you, Madam?"
"I simply can't believe you have the unmitigated gall to sell such shabby rooms at inflated prices and to pass off linoleum as Italian marble and to compare yourselves to Tax Evasion Hotel. This really is unbelievable."
The FOM picked up the phone and began to punch buttons.
"I beg your pardon. What are you doing?"
"I simply cannot imagine you'll be comfortable here, Madam. Allow me to call Tax Evasion Hotel and arrange accommodations there."
"Oh!" She was intrigued. "You're walking me over to Tax Evasion Hotel?" In case you don't know what that means, walking someone over is what you do when a hotel is oversold and they put you up, for no charge, at another hotel. The first night is always free. In that price range, it was a common practice then (I don't know if that's still the case).
FOM shook his head as his finger hovered over the last digit. "No, Madam. We are not full tonight. You may have your reserved corner suite at the special preview rate of $199 per night or I can ask Tax Evasion Hotel to accommodate you in their corner suite. I believe the current rate for that room is $649 per night. Shall I make those arrangements for you?"
She completely crumbled, the poor thing. Her shoulders slumped and her face fell. "No. I'm sure we'll be fine here."
FOM put the phone back and then reached out his hand for the five keys I was holding. "I'll be happy to escort you to your room, Madam."
She just nodded as he led her to the elevator lobby.
All smiles, I took my station and waited.
Ten minutes later, FOM returned, grinning bigger than ever.
"Did the key work?" I asked.
He nodded and then, in a whisper, said, "That was just a cheap old broad trying to get a discount. Don't ever fall for it, kid. All you have to do is pick up the phone. Works every time." He then took a deep breath, surveyed the lobby, and again whispered, "And I think I'm going to go have a teensy-weensy martini at the bar. I'll be back in a jiffy."
I just laughed as he waltzed across the lobby and was gone.
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2020.10.16 18:22 KingPr536 DNA test results, updated back in August. Initially I was surprised to get high Georgian region, but discovered that my mothers side was Circassians who were refugees from the Russian Empire

DNA test results, updated back in August. Initially I was surprised to get high Georgian region, but discovered that my mothers side was Circassians who were refugees from the Russian Empire submitted by KingPr536 to AncestryDNA [link] [comments]

2020.10.16 14:23 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 16th, 2020

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2020.10.16 02:01 Pwnytail24 Does anybody else put sour cream on pancakes?

I've been doing this all my life since I was taught by my mom and grandparents. I recently brought it up with my american friends and they thought it was disgusting, is this only a European thing? My mom's side of the family is georgian but we also have a lot of russian culture in the family.
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2020.10.16 00:53 atraxy Any advice appreciated!

Hey everyone,
I'm going to keep it brief but my girlfriend has been trying to get back home but obviously, COVID cases spiking has greatly affected that. She is also not officially a Georgian citizen, although she has lived in Tbilisi all her life until a few years ago (I won't go into explaining why). We are in the US.

Any advice on being able to secure citizenship remotely or even if that's possible?

Thank you!!!
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2020.10.15 21:10 robothawk [NEWS] Address From the Representative of Industrial Cadre Group 44

"The Speaker of the Assembly Recognizes Ali Dudaev, Representative of Industrial Cadre Group 44, Grozny Industrial District Armaments"
A relatively young man stood up in the Assembly hall and made his way towards the podium. He was young, only thirty years old, and he spent his days before the elections assembling the upper structures of automatic rifles. He had run on a simple agenda, the Legionary Republic must expand its power base to the whole of the Georgian region, as well as into Turkey and Iran. He took the steps to the podium two at a time, his heavy work coat marking him as a respected member of the Industrial Cadres from the pre-liberalization times, of course at this point nearly everyone was.
He stood at the podium, cleared his throat, and began his speech,
"We stand here today in defiance to the reactionary forces of our world. Our system, the Legionary system, has restored democracy across the Caucuses. My fellow representatives, many of you were born outside the borders of the Legion, in the wastes and some even under the brutal dictatorship of the Georgian Soviet, would you not agree that the Legion's mission is good?"
Several members of the Assembly stood, their red lapel pins marking them as from the Georgian Protectorate, shouts of support and Legionary nationalism followed. Dudaev continued again, this time his speech has turned into a shouting rally as members of the Assembly leap to their feet in nationalistic fervor, a Republican fervor seen only during the Civil War.
"My fellow patriots and republicans, should we not make it the mission of our glorious Republic to free the peoples of these lands? To hand them back the fruits of their labor and to destroy the corruption which destroyed the old world? I say, Democracy Shall Be Restored!"
Across the hall, hundreds of representatives leapt to their feet, "For We are Legion, and We are Many!"
Dudaev continued, "The great Republics of old fell through not their activism, but their corruption and the reactionary orders which stood against them. We are free men, we live by the fruits of our labour, and the labour of our comrades in arms, the reactionary forces must be destroyed! Elazig must be Destroyed! Nejd must be Destroyed! Glory to the Legionary Cause! DEMOCRACY SHALL BE RESTORED!"
With that Dudaev stepped down from the podium, his fiery speech having thrown the assembly hall into chaos. Arguments from the more pacifistic representatives were shouted over by members of the Militsiya and the far more jingoistic members of the Assembly. The pacifists looked at the Civil War as a terrible stain on the memory of the Legion, the Jingoists saw it as a trial run for the future. The technological and tactical improvements made through that war saw the armies of the Legion greatly improve in capabilities, and with one of the finest fighting forces in the world standing strong many believe that only through forming a system of Legionary Republics can there truly be peace.
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2020.10.15 11:28 SANDROamirana I want to recommend a very deep and helpful book which you SHOULD DEFINITELY READ.

I will try to make it short. You've often talked about necessity of reading the right stuff. The books you recommend are supposed to deeply change us, help us get clearer view of the world. " 'Deep' means - relating to many things (approximately)" - as you said it.
So, there is a Georgian (the country, not a state) book, a novel, called "Data Tutashkhia". The protagonist is an outlaw at the time of the tsars (1854 onwards). In spite of his bad reputation, he is known to act morally, contemplating philosophical issues, always evaluating what is good and bad, what to do in life to prevent evil things from happening. Ironically, this is the man which probably brings more good to the people than the system does. The book tells us many things about the tsars period in Caucasian region.
"It combines thriller elements with Dostoyevskian themes of personal fate and national identity. Above all, though, it defends the right to personal freedom and critical expression in the face of a repressive political system... Data’s cousin – outwardly his spitting image but at the same time his lifelong opponent" (Link -> I think if you read the description on Goodreads, it will immediately attract your attenition. Unfortunately, many things from the book are not explained to the general public and it's very bad, considering how valuable the novel is and what it can offer. I personally think that a man of your intelligence and competence will be able to see these depths, think it through and use this material as an additional source for lecturing (just like Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn and others) and bring more peace and wisdom to the world. :) P.S. I'm not native speaker, so excuse me for my linguistic mistakes.
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2020.10.15 08:56 _Moses__ My parents say I’m Turkish but I was born in Russia and have a Georgian last name. We’re apparently called “ Ahiska Turkish”

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2020.10.15 08:18 _Moses__ My parents say I’m Turkish but I was born in Russia and have a Georgian last name. We’re apparently called “ Ahiska Turkish”

Yea so we speak a Turkish dialect it’s very broken Turkish with mixed in russian words.
I’m just wondering if anyone knows anything about the ahiska Turks
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2020.10.15 02:59 KingAlfredOfEngland What, exactly, is the relationship between the Georgian Bagrationi and the Armenian Bagratid dynasties?

The two contemporary dynasties ruled neighbouring kingdoms and had extremely similar names. According to CKIII the Georgian dynasty is a branch of the Armenian one, but according to my friend from Georgia that's not particularly accurate.
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2020.10.14 14:33 BluePeanuts Looking to join a group for an adventure

Hello swn!
I've never played a game of SWN but I've read the rulebook like a seminary student reads the Bible. I'd very much like to GM a game, but before I do that, I'd like to play a few sessions as a player. I just moved to a new city and I don't know anybody here yet, but I've been posting on the country DND page to gauge interest. Until then, I'd like to get some practice and meet some other SWN people! Are there any groups using Roll20 or Discord who wouldn't mind accomodating a SWN noobie who needs to scratch his space opera itch?
EDIT: It's worth mentioning that I'm also willing to join a game of Worlds Without Number.
Edit 2: My time zone is Georgian Standard Time (GMT+4). As for my availability, I should be free in the evening most weeknights for 2-3 hours, but I'd like to commit to one session a week. I just got a new job, so my schedule is still being made. I'll be sure to update with a more accurate schedule once I actually get one!
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2020.10.14 13:40 CatLover1226 How much phenotypical and genetic impact did Slavs and Anatolian/Pontic Greeks have on mainland Greece?

In the Middle Ages, Greece was settled by the Slavs, and eventual military victories by the Byzantines defeated them such that the Slavic population for the most part was absorbed into the larger Greek population, with a Slavic speaking population remaining north of Thessaloniki. In the last 300 years, that Slavic-speaking population of northernmost Greece was also absorbed into the Greek population, such that few Slavophone Greeks exist today.
Similarly, the Greek genocide by Turkey in the 1900s (which occurred contemporaneously with the Armenian genocide) led to an influx of Pontic Greeks and Anatolian Greeks to Greece as refugees. Pontic Greeks are genetically closest to other South Caucasian populations such as Georgians and Armenians, while the other Anatolian Greek populations vary.
So here is my question:
  1. How much phenotypical impact did this have on the appearance of modern Greeks (i.e. how many Greeks look partially Slavic? how many look South Caucasian? etc)
  2. Does anyone know what percentage of the population of today's Greece has Anatolian or Pontic ancestry, or both?
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2020.10.13 22:59 ar_david_hh Oct/13/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ Azerbaijan targets civilian population again \\ Azerbaijan's Syrian jihadists reveal more details about deployment and conditions; some of them revolt and get arrested in Syria \\ battles in north & south \\ analysis & army briefing \\ casualties

Prior events: October 12, October 11 , October 10, October 9 , October 8 , October 7, October 6, October 5, October 4, October 3, October 2, October 1, September 30, September 29, September 28, September 27

some jihadists want to leave Azerbaijan

Yesterday we learned about a Middle Eastern journalist who reported the death of 51 jihadists and spoke with one of their friends.
Syrian outlet Jisr (Джиср) reports that the bodies of some jihadists were transported back to Syria in meat trucks in secrecy. Only their families were allowed to pay farewell at night.
The outlet's source says 300 of the Karabakh-based mercenary militants have asked Turkey to send them back to Syria because Azeris won't let them take proper rest.
Video. Graphic:

"militant recruiter blown up in an act of revenge"

EaDaily reports: a vehicle belonging to one of the commanders who recruited militants for Azerbaijan, was blown up in northern Syria.
His friends believe it was an act of revenge carried out by the family of one of the militants who was killed in Karabakh.
The incident took place in Barad, Northern Syria. The target was Hamza Division commander Abu Jaber. A video was recorded allegedly showing the burning car and a photo of the gravely wounded commander in the hospital.
Officially, this [pro-Turkish] Hamza Division accused the Kurdish PKK of being behind the bombing.
Meanwhile, another video was published yesterday showing Syrian militants, dressed in Azeri uniforms and using Azeri armored vehicles, fighting in Karabakh.

a Syrian militant reveals details about their conditions

The National article: "Turkey's Syrian militias in Nagorno-Karabakh ask: 'Why are we here?"
“I'm talking to you now from an underground bunker where we had to run away,” said Ibrahim, 24, a member of [pro-Turkish] Sultan Murad Brigade, in a phone call with The National earlier in the week.
He complained about Armenian airstrikes and losing many friends.
'I don't know what we are doing here. Even money is not a reason to be in this horror movie. The Turks put us in such a position that we can't any more escape from here. I hope we will be able to come back with our legs and arms," said Ibrahim.
His location, shared over WhatsApp, showed he was near Akhmedalylar, close to Iran. It is 1,300km from the refugee camp in which his family lives near the town of Sarmada at the Syrian-Turkish border.
Ibrahim said that 3 weeks ago, one of the militia officers asked for volunteers for Turkish operations in Azerbaijan. "Many of us refused after they saw what happened in Turkey’s intervention in Libya. But I thought I could make money."
He was paid $1,300 for 3 months on September 24th, three days before the war began.
He was then taken to Kilis, Gaziantep, Ankara, Baku. He estimates 3,000 militants are present in Azerbaijan.
“They gave us food, military uniforms and equipment like sniper rifles and anti-tank rockets, but we are under heavy bombardment. On Friday alone we lost six men and 30 of us were injured."
Last Saturday, Mohammed, a young fighter from Maaret Al Numan, was declared dead. A picture of him in an olive grove in happier times was shared with The National by his close friends.
... in other news...
"[Another militant] said that of the 200 fighters with whom he went to Libya, only about half returned. Families are still waiting for the compensation that Turkey promised."
Full story:

To jihad or not to jihad? That's the question

Al-Mayadeen media correspondent has learned that the Turkish-backed Hamza Division in Afrin, Syria has arrested 13 of its members for refusing to fight for Azerbaijan.
The supporters of the Syrian rebel group "Free Syrian Army" have condemned the arrests, stating that 400 have so far refused to join Azerbaijan.

purchasing politicians is one way to keep them quiet about your terrorism

"How Azerbaijan Is Lobbying Washington To Sanitize Its War"
Azerbaijan hired several law firms to lobby for them in the United States. Among them is VP candidate Kamala Harris's husband's "DLA Piper" firm.
Harris's husband had earlier announced plans to "transition his clients to different attorneys in the firm" to avoid "conflict of interest" if his wife becomes the VP.

a few more things from yesterday

A new self-explanatory animation by KillDim production:
About yesterday's huge demonstration in Los Angeles
The ex-president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili was punched in the head by unknown men while meeting a group of Georgians in Athens, Greece. Tear gas had to be used. Saakashvili is a divisive figure in Georgia and has a criminal warrant against him.

October 13th arrives / the battlefield / international response / donations

23:41: a short film about the Republic of Artsakh.
00:01: a group of French doctors, specialized in war wounds, have arrived in Armenia for weeklong assistance.
00:15: the Armenian army reported about the death of 4,900 Azeri soldiers. Since the data is classified in Azerbaijan, social media and other sources are being scrapped by various activists to find the identities of the deceased. 517 Azeri names have already been identified so far. Another 160 being verified ATM.
00:35: Russian journalist Yuri Kotenok was wounded after the Azeri drone/missile bombed the Shushi church. He released a video from the hospital, calling Azerbaijan's deliberate targeting of civilians a "genocide".
1:43: Israeli activist Elie Joseph organized a hunger strike and sued the Israeli government to stop the sale of suicide drones to Azerbaijan. The Israeli court, however, rejected his petition, stating that the activist hadn't provided "enough evidence that the drones were used for war crimes."
The Armenian community leader in Israel joined the calls to suspend the drone sales to Azerbaijan.
22:42: 13-year-old Robert and his family were fleeing Martakert in their car when an Israeli-made Azeri drone targeted their car. All family members received wounds. Robert spent 5 days in a coma.
2:18: Artsakh president Arayik Harutyunyan has a new fanboy?
The largest state-backed Iranian media outlet IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) published Arayik's photo with an iconic finger pointing in the air, and mentioned how Arayik criticized the Israeli government for supplying the suicide drones to Azerbaijan, which are being used to target civilians.
Arayik had earlier invited Iran to join Artsakh in the fight against Syrian jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan and Turkey.
The article also mentions how the army spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan accused Israel of continuing the drone supplies disguised as humanitarian aid.
At night, the Azeri army continued to bomb three civilian settlements. A house caught a fire in Martakert.
9:22 MoD: the battlefield was stable-tense at night. Azeris resumed the attack on 3 fronts in the morning. Northeast was the most active. Our units take adequate actions in all directions to silence the enemy's fire and keep the operative-tactical situation under our control.
9:28 MoD: Azerbaijan's claims about us firing at Tartar city is false. They need a pretense to bomb our civilian settlements again.
10:22 army: Azerbaijan has so far lost 5139 soldiers (KIA), 4 TOS missile units, 521 tanks and armored vehicles, 18 aircrafts, 16 helicopters, 173 drones, etc.
10:48: army published the names of 17 more Armenian soldiers who died in the battlefield, and clarified that the names of 10 soldiers were erroneously added to the list yesterday. 532 deaths.
10:49: video from the front line showing the defenders of the northern front. Azeris had tried to capture a position at 3,300m height but were repelled after sustaining heavy losses.
Soldiers: beginning 8:30 they began heavily bombing for 2 hours and launched an attack with ~60 men. 30 of them intruded in our territory but couldn't infiltrate our position. Our boys knew what to do. One of ours was wounded.
10:58: MFA Mnatsakanyan is holding a meeting with Minks Group co-chairs.
11:03 army spokesman: the veterans of the First Karabakh War should know that their sons not only successfully continue their work but they exceed them in many ways.
11:18: Artsakh Parliament passed a bill to create a new "աշխարհազոր" army consisted of anyone who wishes to volunteer. Men and women, young and old, who aren't already in the army reserves, will be able to sign up, undergo training, and receive a weapon.
Artsakh president Arayik called upon everyone to unite and "help break the enemy's back to secure our right for a peaceful existence."
It's similar to the bill in the Armenian Parliament that was scheduled for a vote before the war.
"In the coming hours and days, our army will be replenished with our citizens with rich experience and knowledge of professional warfare and military service, whose participation will significantly contribute to increasing the effectiveness of our troops on the battlefield."
11:32: a drone [visibly Azerbaijan's Harop] crashed in northern Iran, not far from the Artsakh border. Iran's govt-run news agency IRNA says the authorities are investigating whose it is and how it crashed.
Video: , ,
11:56: the World Monument Foundation has sharply criticized the acts of destroying cultural heritage buildings, after learning that Azerbaijan bombed the church in Shuchi. They asked both sides to refrain from damaging such buildings.
12:04 Artsakh govt: the enemy launched a new large scale attack again. Peaceful settlements are also being shelled by artillery. Several thousand mercenary terrorists are taking part in the military operations on the Azerbaijani side.
Our army is fighting hard, trying to stop the enemy's offensive operations. Every effort must be made to inflict great losses on the enemy to ensure victory in this patriotic war.
12:21: Orber Center is one of the groups that try to find the identities of the deceased Azeri soldiers. They identified 619 names by checking non-govt sources because Azerbaijan officially keeps it secret. More is yet to be identified.
12:23 army spokesman: Our troops are currently fighting heroically and persistently.
12:24: Artsakh army published footage showing the aftermath of a battle that left numerous Azeri soldiers dead. Presumably in the north. "The enemy continues to suffer heavy losses."
Graphic but blurred:
12:27: army released footage showing the destruction of an Azeri tank.
12:57: a Parliament MP has urged the public not to delay their planned purchases and spend it now to help boost the economy and generate taxes. "Don't worry about the optics of going to a cafe and purchasing clothes in the mall."
12:58: Azerbaijan is caught with allegedly bribing the now-former President of the International Federation of United Wrestling Styles Rafael Martinetti.
Rafael is accused of accepting large sums from Azeri officials possibly as a bribe or money laundering. The Swiss media writes that Azeris "donated" him 6 million Franks in 2012, which he illegally kept secret and didn't mention in the wealth declaration forms.
A year after the bribe, in 2013, the Olympics Committee decided to remove the Wrestling from the Olympics games due to it being mired in corruption, but later decided to keep it, after Rafael resigned as Wrestling committee president.
By the way, Azerbaijan also purchased gold medals in the 2012 London Olympics.
13:23: Armenian MoD met an Iranian colleague to discuss the war and the presence of terrorists deployed by Azerbaijan.
13:42: Russian MoD Shoygu expressed concerns over the news about the presence of Syrian militants in Karabakh front, and urged a ceasefire.
13:50: in other news, four Syrian militants were neutralized in Chechnia, Southern Russia. Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov says the militants came from Syria. "The locals helped us identify them. Unfortunately, two officers died during the operation. The militants had plans to commit acts of terror." ,
14:07: after Azeris entered the north-eastern village Mataghis last week, one of their soldiers uploaded a video shit-talking Russia and the CSTO military alliance. ,
14:37: video from a humanitarian center showing activists gathering aid for Artsakh residents, with the help of shipping companies like Globbing. "They are working like bees."
14:45: Georgian MFA says they prohibited the transfer of weapons over land and air since the escalation. "Only humanitarian and passenger flights are allowed," said the MFA, adding that they'll take appropriate steps if they find out that a humanitarian flight transports military equipment.
15:00: Prince Abdulrahman bin Musad bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has joined the calls to boycott Turkish products after Turkey installed a military base in Qatar and bragged about its role in the Persian Gulf.
Saudi Arabia has recently begun officially pressuring its businesses to boycott Turkish products.
15:20: President Sarkissian gave an interview to the Russian RT outlet and spoke about Turkey's involvement in the conflict and the targeting of civilians.
15:30: this little boy organized a charity show to pull a car with a rope. The donations will be sent to the army.
This little girl sells handmade bracelets for 25 cents a piece to help the army.
15:51: MFA Mnatsakanyan gave an interview to BBC Newshour
16:02: the United States, the Russian church, Minks co-chairs, and others, have called for both sides to respect the ceasefire. , ,
16:33: 673 pieces of Turkish and Israeli-made illegal cluster bombs and other missiles have been discovered in the capital Stepanakert so far. They'll be transported outside the city for safe detonation.
16:40: the Armenian community of Estonia held a demonstration in Tallin in support of Artsakh.
16:42: the aerial footage of the Shushi church that was bombed by Azerbaijan last week.
17:02: this goldfish managed to survive a severe bombardment of a house in Stepanakert. The owner plans to release it and make a wish. ,
17:30: High-Tech Minister says the domestic drone production and military equipment repair industry is working around the clock.
17:38: Azeri infiltrators had earlier entered the southern town of Hadrut before being pushed out. Today Azeris uploaded images of a flag to satisfy Aliyev, supposedly installed on a building in Hadrut, but it was revealed as not being from Hadrut but rather a suburb, which matches the official Armenian statement that Azeris were pushed to an outskirt of Hadrut. It is also unclear when the photo was taken.
17:59: the legend of Azniv Khanum continues. The Azeri media circulated fake photos about an Armenian woman in Stepanakert allegedly installing a sign in front of her houses that reads "welcome" in Azeri language.
17:50: Slovakian government has donated $25,000 to Artsakh through the Red Cross.
18:10: Italian-Armenians held a demonstration in Rome's Monte Citorio square, urging the govt to recognize the Artsakh Republic.
They were joined by former Prime Minister Matteo Salvini who expressed solidarity with Armenians. "We must not forget the suffering of the people close to us. If Europe means something to you, then defend our brothers who are the bastion of European civilization in the Caucasus and the Middle East." ,
18:27: the city council of Kragero, Norway, joined by the current and three previous mayors, signed a resolution condemning the aggression against Artsakh.
18:41: the Pontic Greek community donated $100,000 to Artsakh via
18:55: MFA Mnatsakanyan met Russia's Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev.
19:45: France is concerned about Turkey's role in Artsakh and "expects answers".
19:51: PM Pashinyan spoke with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte about the right for people's self-determination and the Turkish-Azeri aggression against Artsakh.
20:00: Armenian demonstrators marched between the UN office and the Russian embassy and called for the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic.
20:44: ladies in Gyumri are sewing clothes for the soldiers in the front lines. "Our production was small, but as soon as the war broke out, we started sewing water-resistant clothes and sleeping bags, which are a basic necessity for the soldiers, because my brother, being a participant in the 2016 battles, said that it was more important to have dry clothes than food."
20:45 world chess champion Garry Kasparov: "Starting point of Karabakh tragedy is Sumgait pogrom."
"Lenin, who viewed Turkey as the main ally, transferred two territories - Nakhichevan, populated in half by Armenians and Azerbaijanis, and Karabakh, inhabited exclusively by Armenians, to Azerbaijan. In fact, there is one detail that fundamentally separates the problem of Karabakh with Crimea and many other problems.
The law of the Soviet Union, which was adopted in 1990, provided for a fairly clear rule for the secession of the union republic, and it was clearly stated that the autonomous republics and national groups of compact residence should vote separately. And in the event of this disintegration, they have the right to their own self-determination.
This is a very important point that many people ignore now. Therefore, the question of Azerbaijan's sovereignty is dubious."
21:00 army spokesman's briefing: in the morning, Azeris launched an attack in 4 directions. The northern section was intense. After a heavy bombardment, they launched an attack. There have been very few instances of such fierce battles in this war. Our army was able to throw them back and inflict heavy losses on them.
The battles continued elsewhere, too. The opponent has no significant advancements. In the past few days, Azeris adopted a new strategy. They form infiltration groups for quick entry in various settlements to quickly plant a flag for video-taping and propaganda purposes. It's mainly done for the Azeri public, but they also try to use it as psychological pressure against Armenia.
For a while now, after losing their attack potential and not gaining any significant achievements on the battlefield, they need to feed the Azeri public with such propaganda.
In the past 15 days, Azerbaijan's 4 military Corps achieved what a single Brigade was supposed to achieve. [basically, 50,000 did what 5,000 could normally do?]. They have no room to brag. Any international military expert with elementary knowledge can verify this.
This is why they need to quickly infiltrate settlements, take pictures with buildings, claim they are at the city halls, etc.
The situation in Hadrut is still the same. It's a mountainous and forest area. There can be infiltration attempts by Azeris.
Don't forget about defending yourself from COVID. We're seeing increasing numbers.Զորագունդ
21:30: the Evangelical People's Party of Switzerland has sent a letter to the Swiss Parliament and MFA, urging an "immediate intervention to stop Azerbaijan's aggression against Artsakh", citing a threat of genocide, the bombardment of civilian settlements, the Turkish involvement.
21:40: the Russian-Armenian community has been sending 10s of 1000s of tons of aid to Artsakh.
22:46: Armenians held a demonstration in front of the Parliament building in Paris.
23:29: U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff has called for the United States to officially recognize the independence of the Artsakh Republic.
23:30: Russian ANNA military reporters released footage from front lines, featuring soldiers who shot down 6 drones and enemy personnel, and their opinion on the so-called "ceasefire".
23:37: Pashinyan gave an interview to Reuters and spoke about Turkey's aggression and "their goal to complete the genocide".
23:38: as of right now, 31 civilians have been killed and 106 wounded in Artsakh.
Worldwide donations to Artsakh:
Tax-deductable for Americans:
You've read 3259 words.
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